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TAMA MicroCurrent

What is TAMA MicroCurrent treatment?

It is a form of massage using very low levels of electromagnetic waves. Its benefits can be likened to a gentle massage, with the added advantage of pinpointing the exact areas needing treatment. The effects are immediate and cumulative. The uplifting therapy is preventative, as well as corrective.

How many treatments are required?

The number of sessions depends on the patient’s age, ethnicity, skin condition and lifestyle. In some cases a single treatment session shows visible results. For long lasting results and muscle reeducation, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance sessions are recommended.

How long should people with BotoxR and filler injections wait before using TAMA treatments?

We recommend waiting at least one month.

What are the contraindications?

Pregnancy, skin cancer, electrical medical implants, seizure disorder.

Can the treatment be performed every day?

We recommend one treatment a week with two treatments maximum per week. Increasing the treatment sessions may not produce any better results than the recommended schedule. It is better to have "rest" days in between treatments, much like working out at the gym.

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