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Don't Let Your Acne Keep You in The Dark

Acne – it’s a tiny four letter word, but it haunts teens and young adults everywhere with its bold presence. It sneaks up on you one day out of nowhere and starts waging a battle that seems impossible to win. Suddenly your worst nightmare is any instance where your face is on display, where the lights are bright, where the only thing between you and total embarrassment is mounds of pathetic concealer. You’re not the cute, smooth-skinned presence you once were, and it seems like you may never be that bubbly, happy person again.

On paper, acne doesn’t sound like that terrible of an opponent. After all, there are millions of products out there that should be able to help and tons of advice on the internet to go along with it. Then why does acne still seem to have the upper hand no matter what you do?

Well first off, acne is embarrassing. Once you’ve got it, you immediately stop feeling empowered in your life and are left feeling mostly self-conscious. You’re desperate to turn back the clock and go back to the skin you had as a kid. That means that you have no fear and will try even treatments that seem harsh or dangerous. In fact, the harsher, the better. That seems like the answer, until you start finding that harshness might work in the short term but actually makes things a lot worse.

Plus the information that exists out there doesn’t address YOUR particular skin, and the exact reasons why your acne has surfaced. So you can be experimenting with different solutions for months or years trying to figure out what works for your skin. And all you’ll likely end up with are nasty scars and endless frustration.

The most common treatments and “standard” acne-blasting products tend to be super drying. It seems like common sense to want to dry out oily, acne-prone areas. But the truth is that all skin, even acne-prone skin needs moisture. It’s important to use products like Beauty Journey’s Fancy Jasper Serum, which calms inflammation and neutralizes toxins or Rescue Cream, which prevents acne and reduces red blotchiness. Using the right products that contain natural and effective ingredients is far superior than resorting to the cheaper products at your pharmacy.

Plus, what you don’t realize is that these drying solutions that you’re lathering on now cause premature aging and damage down the road. The last thing you need is to overcome your acne only to have to deal with early signs of aging once your face is clear. When can you just stop worrying about your skin?

Beauty Journey’s Enhance Therapy is your customized solution for dealing with your acne in a healthy, rewarding way. The goal behind the treatment is to formulate a complete solution that paves the way for healthy and bright skin in the years ahead while obliterating your acne in the present.

Every face is different. Your particular circumstances, diet and DNA are unique, meaning that your skin can’t be healed with a generic product or solution that is intended for the population at large. Treating acne successfully and naturally means treating the individual, and determining what your specific combination of traits requires. That is what we specialize in at Beauty Journey. We don’t treat you and send you on your way. We come up with a regimen that you can continue at home and a schedule of sessions that will achieve the best results for you.

Acne doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. It simply means your skin is calling out for attention. That’s what we aim to address with the Enhance Therapy. With the customized solutions created for you at Beauty Journey, you can finally get back to enjoying life. You won’t mind giving that oral report, going to a sleepover or swimming with your friends because you’ll have regained the confidence that your acne stole away from you.

Beautiful Skin with Great Care

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Amazing Job. I came in with inflammation and redness and acne scaring in my face. However Kristina knew exactly what to do! I started seeing results in 2 months! Now I am on my 4th month and my face has no redness, and inflammation has gone down drastically. Love this place. Thank you Kristina for everything you have done!!!"
    Ali Y.
  • "Kristina takes great care of you during the treatment. I love the results after my first treatment. I highly recommend this place, Kristina is very professional and takes time to explain any concerns. Very welcoming and great costumer service."
    Yolanda Y.
  • "Love Kristina and her skills! I have been going to her since even before her store's grand opening. Her equipment and products are advanced and work great. So many people think I'm a lot younger than I really am. Thanks Beauty Journey and their sweet staff!"
    Anna N.
  • "Kristina is my dermatologist. Her spa is very cleaned and well organized. She keeps everything clean so you don't have to worry about hygiene and infections. She is very caring and professional (funny and sweet too!). I had a bad breakout when I first came to her, after the first treatment I could see the change. My face glows and feels more hydrated than before. It has 80% less acne and I'm very thankful and happy about it . Thanks Kristina!"
    Victoria N.
  • "I have been coming here for 7 months now!
    Kristina has been helping me a lot. I get lots of compliments from my friends and I don't break out much anymore. I have received LED light therapy and my skin tone looks much brighter now and even. I have one more session left and I can not wait to see the result. Also used some of their products and I really like their serum."
    Nina K.

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