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Winning the War On Acne

Vivian Before and After Enhance Therapy at Beauty Journey

Helping a lifelong acne sufferer clear her skin for good and start living her life with confidence.

For Vivian, acne has NEVER not been a problem. Teenage acne turned into adult acne, and her complexion simply kept getting worse and worse. She tried every treatment out there to no avail. It was only at the prospect of trying a controversial medication, ridden with side effects that she stopped to consider seeking out the professionals at Beauty Journey. But so many things had let her down in the past that she silently expected another failure.

The Challenge was clear:

· Vivian wanted a permanent solution to her consistent acne problem.

· She needed something that would treat the root of the problem so that it wouldn’t occur anymore, but she also needed something to help her resolve all the damage that had been done after every breakout in the past.

· And if the results were acceptable, she didn’t mind paying, but after so many failed attempts, she couldn’t shrug off the pestering feeling that she could be wasting her money yet again.

Some of the things Vivian had tried with no success included: nearly every over the counter acne cream, gel and wash, the Proactive line, specialty Korean skin products, and even prescription products diagnosed by her dermatologist. None of these made a difference.

Every failed attempt was not only costly, but it allowed for more damage to the skin, either because the medications were too harsh or because more breakouts meant more scarring.

Vivian was in an impossible and frustrating position.

The Outcome was clear as well – CLEAR SKIN that is:

Kristina, met with Vivian. From the first moment, it was clear to Vivian that Kristina genuinely cared about her clients. The first thing she noticed about Kristina was how sweet and helpful she was, but once she started talking about skin, it was evident she had a plethora of knowledge. That combination immediately calmed Vivian’s worries. She knew she was in good hands.

After an initial skin analysis, Vivian got the enhance Therapy with LED light and scar treatment.

“The Enhance Therapy included extractions, which were honestly not fun, but definitely beneficial. It was a relief knowing that my clogged pores were getting cleared and not simmering beneath the surface, waiting to turn into a gigantic pimple in my future.”

Vivian was impressed with how clean and sanitary the whole process was. Throughout the course of her treatment, there were many procedures and products used--too many for her to keep track of, but she had the utmost confidence in Kristina and was starting to see progress in her skin.

“From all this, I learned that it’s very important to be patient. Clear skin is not something that magically happens overnight. Long term acne must be treated from the outside and the inside, and this takes time.”

In the beginning there was a period of purging. Kristina explained that it has to get worse before it gets better, so Vivian was prepared to be patient. By the 4th -6th week, her skin still looked rough. It was a difficult time, but she didn’t give up. Eventually, the old pimples started going away and even the occasional new one healed super quickly. She felt her skin getting stronger, and after 6 Enhance treatments, her acne was mostly gone. She added one more round of scar treatment to target the stubborn older scars.

“I remember some of the pigmentation from large acne areas would take almost a year to fade naturally, but with the treatments, every week results were seen right away.”

Vivian learned a lot from her sessions. Kristina talked about the importance of hormone levels, and how balance plays such an integral role in skin health. Harmonized water and Dim supplements helped immensely with this.

As is the case for most people struggling with acne, product overload is a giant problem. There are so many options on the market, that it’s helpful to have an ally on your side who knows how to wade through what’s beneficial and what’s not.

“It’s definitely nice to just stick with an expert’s recommendation and have the peace of mind that I’m not randomly using something that will continue to clog my pores. My favorite is their sunblock. It goes on so smoothly and has a nice light tint that helps minimize the redness while my face heals.”

Beauty Journey understands that every outbreak is like a battle. It leaves scarring and damage, and is terrible to go through. Sometimes, you get lucky and a battle turns out to be minimal, but still the damage adds up, and the core problem just gets buried deeper. Beauty Journey is here to help you win the entire war on acne, to stop the very root of the problem, and to start living your life without wasting energy worrying about your skin.

Vivian took a chance on Beauty Journey when she at her wit’s end. And the results are astounding.

“I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Beauty Journey. The results speak for themselves. Seeing others before/after pictures convinced me to give Beauty Journey a try, and now, looking at my Before/After pictures proves that I made the right decision. I am definitely planning on being a permanent client. I never want to deal with another round of purging, clogged pores and severe acne ever again. Thank you Kristina and Beauty Journey.”

If you can relate with Vivian’s struggle, click here to Book your Skin Analysis Here

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Amazing Job. I came in with inflammation and redness and acne scaring in my face. However Kristina knew exactly what to do! I started seeing results in 2 months! Now I am on my 4th month and my face has no redness, and inflammation has gone down drastically. Love this place. Thank you Kristina for everything you have done!!!"
    Ali Y.
  • "Kristina takes great care of you during the treatment. I love the results after my first treatment. I highly recommend this place, Kristina is very professional and takes time to explain any concerns. Very welcoming and great costumer service."
    Yolanda Y.
  • "Love Kristina and her skills! I have been going to her since even before her store's grand opening. Her equipment and products are advanced and work great. So many people think I'm a lot younger than I really am. Thanks Beauty Journey and their sweet staff!"
    Anna N.
  • "Kristina is my dermatologist. Her spa is very cleaned and well organized. She keeps everything clean so you don't have to worry about hygiene and infections. She is very caring and professional (funny and sweet too!). I had a bad breakout when I first came to her, after the first treatment I could see the change. My face glows and feels more hydrated than before. It has 80% less acne and I'm very thankful and happy about it . Thanks Kristina!"
    Victoria N.
  • "I have been coming here for 7 months now!
    Kristina has been helping me a lot. I get lots of compliments from my friends and I don't break out much anymore. I have received LED light therapy and my skin tone looks much brighter now and even. I have one more session left and I can not wait to see the result. Also used some of their products and I really like their serum."
    Nina K.

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