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The Truth about Acne

Acne, why do I bring up this topic? I have seen so many of you come to my studio have acne and acne scar problems. Some of you have gone through treatments such as micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels. Some of you have taken accutane, antibiotic or even laser based upon recommendations from your dermatologists. Some of you have experienced DIY at home. Do they work? The answer is NO. WHY?

In reality, Acne is a toxin reaction because our skin is a detox organ. You all might hear from me say it to you a lot. Your skin is a mirror of your internal. What you put in is what you get out. Your skin is a filter to help remove toxicity out of your body. The majority problems from Acne are coming from Candida, estrogen toxin, and your diet.

First let‘s talk about Candida. Why do you have Candida?

Candida has over 56 different strains causing different problems on our skin such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Seborrheic Dermatitis. Some common symptoms on our body are allergic reaction such as congested nose, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, arthritis, depression... Others are Gastrointestinal problem, Respiratory problem, Cardio-vascular problem, Genitourinary problem, Musculoskeletal problem, Central nervous system problem, and the list is on and on…..

What is Candida?

Candida is one of many different types of yeasts. Yeast cells are able to grow on the surface of all living things and occur virtually everywhere. The fact is we breathe, eat, and drink them daily. Because they are part of our daily lives, we have yeast growing in our skin, on other body surfaces, and in our intestines. Normally, our bodies’ defense system keeps the total number of yeast cells under control. So, candida colonies in our intestinal tract are nothing to worry about. However, poor nutrition or medication such as steroid, birth control pills, antibiotics, accutane etc…. or sluggish or impaired immune system weaken the body’s ability to fight off yeast. Stress and environment pollutants can also play a role in reducing the body’s defenses over candida. When this happens, yeast colonies grow rapidly and candida may result .When Candida overgrows in your gut, you will have small bumps or cysts on your forehead or cheeks.

What is about Estrogen toxins?

Every day in your adult life, you are facing 1 millions of toxins. 1/3 of them are Estrogen toxins which comes from the food you eat and drink containing either pesticides, plasticides, food preservatives and chlorine.

How can you clean up your diet?

Foods with a high glycemic index link to acne. So, avoid them as much as you can. When you eat a lot of high glycemic foods, your body experiences an increase of glucose and insulin levels. A body with a low glycemic diet has 50% fewer accounts of acne. Switch to whole grain options, instead, because they’re high in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory.

Sugar, as much as we love right? it is one of the absolute worst things for our skin. It is the most acne food that we consume, and weakens our immune system to boot! Too much of it will make your skin, health, and promote candida to over growth. Unfortunately, studies have shown that sugar feeds cancer as well. So in general, we all have to cut back. When it comes to your skin, too much of it in your body weakens your ability to fight bacteria. Long story short, more toxins = worse skin.

How to prevent acne:

  • Cut down any foods containing white sugars and sugar substitutes as much as you can.
  • Cut down red meat and pork.
  • Cut down dairy products with milk, buttermilk, whipped cream, sour cream, ice cream including cheese except ricotta and cottage cheese.
  • Avoid process food as much as you can such as bacon, sausage, ham, hotdogs, luncheon meats, corned beef and pastrami.
  • Avoid Alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid artificially sweetened drinks and food products.

Lastly, besides cleaning up your diet you need to feed your skin with the right tools.

Tools are critical to treat acne, repair and improve your skin: Fancy Jasper, stem cell, FGF-DNA repair serum, Rescue cream and Lipid Serum. Also, investing with the proper treatments such as Enhancer therapy and Light wave treatment, then your skin will transform to the healthy, glowing skin. We are here to help you changing your lives, not just your skin.

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Amazing Job. I came in with inflammation and redness and acne scaring in my face. However Kristina knew exactly what to do! I started seeing results in 2 months! Now I am on my 4th month and my face has no redness, and inflammation has gone down drastically. Love this place. Thank you Kristina for everything you have done!!!"
    Ali Y.
  • "Kristina takes great care of you during the treatment. I love the results after my first treatment. I highly recommend this place, Kristina is very professional and takes time to explain any concerns. Very welcoming and great costumer service."
    Yolanda Y.
  • "Love Kristina and her skills! I have been going to her since even before her store's grand opening. Her equipment and products are advanced and work great. So many people think I'm a lot younger than I really am. Thanks Beauty Journey and their sweet staff!"
    Anna N.
  • "Kristina is my dermatologist. Her spa is very cleaned and well organized. She keeps everything clean so you don't have to worry about hygiene and infections. She is very caring and professional (funny and sweet too!). I had a bad breakout when I first came to her, after the first treatment I could see the change. My face glows and feels more hydrated than before. It has 80% less acne and I'm very thankful and happy about it . Thanks Kristina!"
    Victoria N.
  • "I have been coming here for 7 months now!
    Kristina has been helping me a lot. I get lots of compliments from my friends and I don't break out much anymore. I have received LED light therapy and my skin tone looks much brighter now and even. I have one more session left and I can not wait to see the result. Also used some of their products and I really like their serum."
    Nina K.

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