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After Collagen Induction Therapy treatments, she is very happy about her acne scars are lifted and her complexion is clear.

Checking out her testimonial video on Beauty Journey's Microcurrent Treatments. She is very pleased with her results on her face lift/firm and 5 years younger appearance.

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I have been getting facials from Kristina for over 5 years now. I feel she does a very thorough job on my face every time that I visited her. I also feel that her prices are very reasonable. At other places, I would spend a lot of money for only 30-45 min. treatments. Kristina actually takes her time with all the facials that she gives me. She would also answer any questions that I have about her products. I like the fact that all her products are natural, which I feel is much safer for one's skin to use. She also never pressure me into buying any unnecessary products. This is something that I really appreciate. I think to me the best indication of how great her facials are is when my family and friends randomly comment on how radiant and soft my skin looks without knowing I got facials the previous day. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone.


My face and skin looks and feels younger and healthier since I have been having the Micro-Phototheraphy Treatments. My friends and family are always telling me how beautiful my skin is and that I look so much younger. Of course, thank you for Kristina that makes me feel so good.


So ever since middle school I started breaking out so much I didn't know pimple..and the pimples would get bigger and I would pop it...For so long I have mild-severe acne and acne scaring but since my mom went to Kristina for facial she recommended me to her because she saw results on her as well..I have been going to her for herbal peels, facial and, light therapy treatments and the result is amazing! I am now 22 I've never had clearer skin! I don't breakout as much anymore *unless its time of the month ;(* also my acne scars had faded 90%!!! which is great!!! I don't have to pack on tons of makeup and I'm more confident..having acne and acne scars stopped me for being able to socialize/open up like a normal person..I am very grateful that i found her :) she also have an her own amazing line for creams, lotion, cleansers, treatments for problem areas..its all contained natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about added chemicals and such!! If you have problem skin like pigmentations, dark spots, acne, acne scaring, etc she will get rid of it for you!


Tôi được chị họ và bác giới thiệu đến chị Kristina. Trước đây da mặt của tôi dầu, rất nhiêu mụn và vết thâm đen. Nhưng sau khi được chị Kristina chăm sóc và điều trị, da của tôi đã hết mụn và đẹp hơn rất nhiều. Các sản phẩm của chị Kristina rẩt tốt và hiệu quả cao.Các sản phẩm này không có chất tẩy trắng và hóa chất gây tác dụng xấu đến da của tôi như các mỹ phẩm trước đây tôi sử dụng. Tôi cảm thấy rất thư giãn sau mỗi lần đến làm facial ở chổ chị Kristina. Chị là một người rất tâm lý và vui tính. Chị tận tình hướng dẫn và trả lời các thắc mắc của tôi về sản phẩm của chị. Và điều đặc biệt nhất là phương pháp hơ đèn.Cám ơn chị Kristina vì đã giúp tôi tự tin hơn với làn da của mình.


I am super happy with your services..... My skin feels so fresh and bright :). Definitely recommend your service to my friends! You made my facial experience so much easier and at ease :). No more bad experiences with facials...


"Lynn Silverman xin nói đến sự chăm sóc mặt của tôi do cô Kristina làm, khi mới đến thì mặt tôi đã xệ xuống rất nhiều, tuổi tôi năm nay đã 68 nhờ cô đã hết lòng chăm sóc, cho nên mặt tôi đã săng lên như là mình đã đi căng da kiểu mổ xẻ. Tôi rất là sung sướng vì đã đẹp hẳn lên, tôi bị tiểu đường, không giải phẩu được . Nhưng các bạn nên nhớ một điều rất là quan trọng sản phẩm mà cô Kristina dùng cho mình khi làm facial là sản phẩm vô cùng tốt và hiệu nghiệm cho nên các bạn cũng phải mua và xài khi ở nhà do cô Kristina chỉ dẫn. Cô làm tốt cho chúng ta, thì chúng ta cũng tự săn sóc và làm nhớ lời cô dặn hai thứ phải đi với nhau mới thành công rực rỡ. Sản Phẩm cô Kristina đưa ra thật là xuất sắc, mặt Lynn hôm nay trẻ lại 10 tuổi.Nói tóm lại Lynn và các bạn đã đi đúng nơi và để Cô Kristina lo săn sóc.Kem của cô đưa chúng ta xài là loại tốt nhứt và tôi rất là sung sướng- vui vẽ - yêu đời hơn, khi ra ngoài ai cũng khen ngợi chị làm gì mà chị đẹp hẵn ra.

Mong các bạn cũng sẽ đẹp và hài lòng như Lynn. chúc các bạn tiếp tục làm đẹp như tôi.

Thân Mến


I was referred by a relative, and I now have been a regular client for over 10 years; for facial treatment, facial therapy and the entire body anti-age minor treatment. Each treatment was done with special care and great result. The accommodation services are super, rank as five stars.

My sister, sister-in-law and mother-in-law are also now their regular clients too.

Many thanks and always.


I have been going to see Kien for facial services for 5 years now. She is simply amazing and her facials are wonderful; although I have acne, I have never left with traumatized skin. The high quality products that she uses on my face deliver immediate results; I often get many compliments from people at work the next day after the facials. Her room is very relaxing with soft music and nice aroma. I feel completely refreshed and relaxed after every session with her.

Kien is very thorough and contentious. She has always taken her time to make sure all the problems on my skin are taken care of. I have complete trust on any procedure she offers for my face.


I have always had noticeably acne-prone skin with a few acne scars, and when my friend referred me to Kristina I knew I had to take this opportunity to improve my skin. Kristina's work environment is extremely calm, and when paired with her gentle touch makes the facial feel even more relaxing. She cleaned my skin very well with soothing creams and used hi-tech machines to kill all the bacteria afterwards. The final mask made my skin feel noticeably soft and clear, which I loved. My family and friends even noticed how clean my skin looked afterwards. Kristina also educated me on the reasons why I break out in certain areas and how to effectively prevent those break-outs later on. Kristina is a very warm and welcoming esthetician and it was a great choice to go to her for my facial!


I came to Kristina about a month ago with severe acne breakouts. My face was all dull, dry dehydrated with acne scars. It was so embarrassing that I was even hesitant to go to social events. It would take 2 weeks to heal one acne leaving scar behind and everyday more and more would break out. For the past so many years, I had tried so many different expensive products but in vain, they would just dry the acne leaving dark scar. Also, they would not prevent new ones to breakout. These acnes were so painful and bad that I had almost stopped wearing any makeup on my face.

I am vegan and eat very very healthy diet and workout regularly and have regular sleep. Medical help only revealed it is hormonal imbalance and there is nothing much I can do about it.

I found Kristina on Yelp and read all positive reviews about her. I decided to try her treatment. I was literally in tears when I came to her. Kristina was very welcoming and friendly and she spent almost 3 hours on my facial and consultation. With just one facial my face looked much better in few days. It has been ONLY 25 days since my first facial and using her products, my face has started glowing and scars are lightening. Few acnes break out but they do not aggravate, they heal fast as I am using her products probably. It is so relieving everyday waking up with a hope that I will not see any new acne on my face. Old ones have also started healing.

It is still hard to believe one treatment and few days of using her products can make such a difference. Where were you Kristina all these years?? :( I wish I found you earlier. I am very hopeful and looking forward to many more facials to come and will continue using her products. Thanks a million Kristina!!!


Kristina is my dermatologist. Her spa is very cleaned and well organized. She keeps everything clean so you don't have to worry about hygiene and infections. She is very caring and professional (funny and sweet too!). I had a bad breakout when I first came to her, after the first treatment I could see the change. My face glows and feels more hydrated than before. It has 80% less acne and I'm very thankful and happy about it .

Thanks Kristina!


I highly recommend Kristina! I first came here about a year ago with full of acne and acne scars and Kristin took care them for me and surprisingly it worked so well! I definitely can say that Kristina is my life saver.

Every penny worth for what you get from her service and omg her shoulder and head massages are just like a heaven!

Love it!


I have been coming here for 7 months now!

Kristina has been helping me a lot. I get lots of compliments from my friends and I don't break out much anymore. I have received LED light therapy and my skin tone looks much brighter now and even. I have one more session left and I can not wait to see the result. Also used some of their products and I really like their serum.


What's a great job!

The first time I came here was 2 months ago. I'm getting my facial (enhance therapy) every month. My face is brighter, tighter and smoother, with Kristina's treatments. Now, I'm really happy when I'm combining her products and a healthier diet. I love this place so much, great customer service, awesome products, perfect results.

Thank to Beauty Journey and Kristina!!!


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  • "Amazing Job. I came in with inflammation and redness and acne scaring in my face. However Kristina knew exactly what to do! I started seeing results in 2 months! Now I am on my 4th month and my face has no redness, and inflammation has gone down drastically. Love this place. Thank you Kristina for everything you have done!!!"
    Ali Y.
  • "Kristina takes great care of you during the treatment. I love the results after my first treatment. I highly recommend this place, Kristina is very professional and takes time to explain any concerns. Very welcoming and great costumer service."
    Yolanda Y.
  • "Love Kristina and her skills! I have been going to her since even before her store's grand opening. Her equipment and products are advanced and work great. So many people think I'm a lot younger than I really am. Thanks Beauty Journey and their sweet staff!"
    Anna N.
  • "Kristina is my dermatologist. Her spa is very cleaned and well organized. She keeps everything clean so you don't have to worry about hygiene and infections. She is very caring and professional (funny and sweet too!). I had a bad breakout when I first came to her, after the first treatment I could see the change. My face glows and feels more hydrated than before. It has 80% less acne and I'm very thankful and happy about it . Thanks Kristina!"
    Victoria N.
  • "I have been coming here for 7 months now!
    Kristina has been helping me a lot. I get lots of compliments from my friends and I don't break out much anymore. I have received LED light therapy and my skin tone looks much brighter now and even. I have one more session left and I can not wait to see the result. Also used some of their products and I really like their serum."
    Nina K.

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