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About Us

Beauty Journey Studio: Natural Skin Care with a Gentle Approach

Beauty Journey was founded on the belief that every one of you deserves to show up to life with beautiful skin that makes you feel confident in everything you do. Every modality we offer are every high- end and natural products. your face is the world with healthy, flawless skin. We not only use and recommend what we believe to be the best professional products on the market, but we treat the “why” behind your skin concerns. We make it our mission to find the root cause of any conditions and treat them from the inside out through customized treatment plans and home care regimes. We believe that what you put on your skin is only half the story; the other half is who you choose to partner with for your customized skin care regimen. After all, beautiful skin is not an ending, it’s a journey, and we are here for you every step of the way.

At Beauty Journey Studio, we use only clinical ingredients with a clean formula. All of our products are free of toxic chemicals, and we take a gentle, non-inflammatory approach to caring for your skin. We use targeted dermal delivery systems and solutions that directly address the source of acne, aging, and other skin conditions. Our products and treatments:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase skin circulation
  • Improve scar remodeling
  • Repair DNA
  • Replenish growth factors
  • Restablish the skin's natural moisture barrier
  • Restore antioxidant levels
  • Activate collagen production

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our skin care experts. Whether you want to get rid of acne or achieve younger-looking skin, we're here to help. Make sure to check out our current promotions for special money-saving deals.

Meet the Owner


Kristina Trinh
Licensed Esthetician

Kristina Trinh graduated from the San Diego Beauty School 16 years ago. She then obtained her California Esthetician license in 2001 when she realized that skin care was her ultimate passion.

Kristina founded Beauty Journey in 2013 when she realized that the salons where she was renting didn’t possess the aura of relaxation that she knew was optimal for her clients. She wasn’t able to give her clients the complete experience of renewal and sanctuary that would make for a complete experience. Once she opened Beauty Journey, this became a priority, along with settling on the right line of products to complement the various treatments offered.

From that point, everything started falling into place. She was able to build on her belief that everyone deserves to be beautiful, and should have access to the healthiest products and best treatments available. To this day, she is dedicated to finding and implementing the solutions and treatments that work best for each individual, and creating home care regimens that go beyond the salon to ensure that each client can uncover the most beautiful version of their skin and maintain it. Over 15 years in the industry, she has helped countless clients improve and nourish their skin thereby increasing their confidence and self-image.

No one should be held back because they are unhappy with their skin or appearance. At Beauty Journey, Kristina helps you present your best face to the world.

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